This hospital has free wifi that is happily letting me stream netflix on my phone. Starting to wonder if I was smuggled out of Australia while unconscious.

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Being sick means I no longer have any qualms about unfollowing old friends who've moved to Victoria, redpilled, and have spent the last few days abusing "the left" about their "intolerance".

Feels good.

Bedtime update: I've graduated to 7:30. I'm a big boy now!

Starting to suspect trying to go to work today was a bad idea.

Update: getting discharged from hospital was good. Game of Thrones was good. I'm in bed by 6:20, and that's also pretty decent.

I am stuck in a hospital bed, and going dark to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers. Worst day ever.

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I think I have that strain of lactose intolerance that lets me eat all the dairy I want except for when it's most inconvenient to get sick.

In unrelated news, this afternoon's pizza seems to have triggered my insides.

After fighting with puppet all day, I got on the train and immediately started hacking on my home puppet manifests.

I need a nap.

oh god the crunky old mysql on my crunky old vps died and my last backup was... uh... never ago.

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