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I'm a 40-something sysadmin working for a software company. I grew up in a small Australian town and, after a couple of decades living in Sydney, have recently moved back to the country with my wife and son.

I like to make things - knitting, programming, building hardware, woodworking. Jack of a wide variety of trades, and pretty ordinary at most of them.

Known to toot about all of that.

new house 

The arborist cut my tree back last week. One of the earthworks crews I talked to about filling and levelling my backyard finally sent me a quote. The solar people are... still working on quoting me a system with a stonking battery.

Once the rain stops we work on the front yard: get rid of the ugly tree that's there, spread a trailer load of soil, plant a new tree and garden. And some time soon I need to go to the turf farm and see about grass for the grassy bits out back.

*wanders off and makes more single-character git commits*

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alc mention 

Like there's a very fine line between "drunk enough to shout about not wasting 128-bit identifiers" and "drunk enough to not be able to shout at all".

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One day I will start my UUID Conservation movement. But it's hard to summon up an appropriate amount of hyperbole about entropy.


I mean, that's basically my job description. If I were to get business cards I'd want them to say "old man who yells at clouds".

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Today is going to be a day of swearing at puppet and/or AWS. I feel this in my bones.

Today I learned the ABC just... put streaming links for all of their stations right on their website. This makes it trivial for me to do things like cast the local radio to my kitchen chromecast from home assistant instead of opening the Listen app. Hooray!

My door open sensors arrived. I put one on the garage door so now we get notified if it's been left open for too long. And I'm about to put the other on kiddo's door because we're about to transfer out of his crib and want to know when he goes roaming.

(I have complex feels about this sort of surveillance, but justify it the same way I justify his current monitor - it's constructive and short-term)

Once this is done I'll add the new zigbee smart outlets I bought mostly as network relays, and then I'll figure out the new door sensors that are supposed to arrive to today.

And after all that, maybe, one day, I'll actually get around to rebuilding my home-assistant installation.

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I updated my zigbee2mqtt install for the first time in... uhhh... a very long time. And now there's a web interface and I am using it to update firmware for a bunch of my devices over the air and oh my.

(gosh, I really do write like somebody who types for ten hours a day)

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Yeah, OK, the wifi is for shit. It's acceptable right next to the AP, ten metres away through two walls, after changing the wifi channel to one with no overlap at all, 90% packet loss.

Heck this, figuring out what to do about that is a tomorrow problem.

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Although, for a device sitting right next to the AP this is concerning.

30 packets transmitted, 30 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 9.954/282.971/583.896/159.819 ms
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And now that I have a serial interface connected to it, it boots just fine on my home wifi too.
That *might* be because now it's right next to the access point. And I guess it might still be a marginal power supply? Dunno, I'm running out of ideas (and patience) on this one.

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I used to have a suitable replacement usb-wifi dohig around somewhere. But if it survived the last two house moves, it is in a mystery box somewhere.

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OK, so as best I can tell the system runs OK when it's running its own AP. I can SSH to it, and the web interface looks fine. I... assume the arduino is also sending signals to the lights, but I have disconnected the lights so 🤷‍♂️

When the access point it knows about is in range, though, it still falls off the network shortly after requesting a DHCP lease. So might still be a wifi adapter on the fritz. I guess now I have to drag my test gear in to the house and closer to my wifi. Boo.

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He spent a solid half hour hanging up his clothes on the weekend.

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My favourite recent trick. An extending curtain rod, that we bought for the tiny laundry window in our last house. Repurposed to be a toddler-height clothes rail in kiddo's closet.

(I also attempted to see if it was up by typing `ping raspberrypi.local`... in to ddg)

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