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I'm a 40-something sysadmin working for a software company. I grew up in a small Australian town and, after a couple of decades living in Sydney, have recently moved back to the country with my wife and son.

I like to make things - knitting, programming, building hardware, woodworking. Jack of a wide variety of trades, and pretty ordinary at most of them.

Known to toot about all of that.

Kiddo doesn't like going to the doctor very much. I don't like that they're making us wait in a tent outside because I've got a non-spicy cough. I understand but it still irks me. So we're just sitting in a chilly tent in the carpark feeding off each other's irritability.

Days since toddler has gone and asked his mother after I said no to something and she immediately caved: 0️⃣

Starting to think maybe I could be doing better toasties than this $6 kmart sandwich press can do.

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science levels are currently at 92% but fluctuating wildly

(92%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Kiddo spilled some water, and called out "Towel! Where are you?"

Picked up the ute. It doesn't quite fit in my shed.


I was disappointed with this lentil dahl when I made it the other night. Kinda bland. But with some time to chill and a little bit of sriracha it's pretty dang good.

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Kiddo is finally asleep, so I finally get to heat some leftovers for dinner.

Tried to type my debit card PIN in to the microwave.

Might be due for an early night.

My get up and go has officially gotten up and left. So flat this morning.

Actually, to be fair about the worst my toddler will do these days is pretend it's a telephone; have a long conversation about his daycare and going for a ride in the car, before poking it saying "doot doot doot".

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I could dig out my 3DS and play it on that. But kinda concerned about my 3DS getting toddlered. He's pretty adventurous that way.

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OK now I want to play Ocarina of Time again.

What's a good way to play Ocarina of Time these days? Is the current Switch port good? (if it's good I should try to see if my wife is keen; she played the heck out of BotW, her first Zelda since Zelda 2)

Looking up all of those Dragonforce covers while logged in to my work google acct a little while ago has done strange and terrible things to the algorithm. Now it's recommending this.

Every now and then I remember that David Hasselhoff did a cover of Jump in my Car. Those are good days.

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saltiness levels are currently at 17% but fluctuating wildly

(17%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Playing "water tank or trampoline" looking at DCS NSW aerial imagery.

(trampoline. it's always a trampoline. everyone here complains about water security and nobody here has a tank)

house building 

Mentally weighing up the work that's remaining on our house against the letter the form letter the builders sent out today advising, in a nutshell, "we're doing the best we can you guys".

re: work--- 

(In my defence, we do test short-term backups on a regular basis, although that could use some work. The problem I'm discovering now is my rotation / retention wasn't working properly, so instead of a year's worth of backups I have, uh, a lot less than that.)

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Today I am That Guy discovering the hard way the problems with his backup scheme.

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