Sometimes it's best to just sit on the couch drinking beer and playing Objects in Space. So that is how I'm spending Saturday night.

This game is such a goddamn charmer.

Speaking of Objects in Space, I should talk about my Arduino library for the serial protocol.

Arduinos In Space got an update last night, now it can understand all of the serial commands OiS 1.0.2 does.

@stibbons is that the one where you can attach your own hardware widgets?

@urbanfuzzy It is, all you need is an arduino, some buttons and/or switches and/or cheap LCDs, and some code.

In realted news, I wrote a library that makes the code a lot easier to write.

@stibbons That sounds about the cut of my jib. I think I’d better grab a box of old arcade buttons and a spare UNO!

@urbanfuzzy I don't like enabling people building cool toys but...

OK, yeah, I totally love enabling people building cool toys.

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