The mine just outside town has ordered half a dozen new dump truck trays (793 Hercules trays, for those playing along at home), apparently all brightly painted.

The one that was delivered this morning is wearing a pride flag. Apparently the delivery was timed to coincide with IDAHOBIT Day next week.

Photo credits Troy Pearson, Jude Keogh. Paywalled story

I got curious enough to look this up on the local paper's facebook page. And everyone who give it the angry reaction has already blocked me there, so that's nice.

@virtualwolf Those mining dump trucks are totes chonky bois.

Apparently that thing was delivered from Newcastle. I imagine they must have taken the golden highway, skirting around Sydney and over the mountains dragging that would be a nightmare.

@stibbons @virtualwolf these chonky things, to be precise: Cat 793 haul/dump trucks (the one in the photo is for the Kalgoorlie Super Pit)

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