So here's the thing. The electric oven in our free-standing stove *will not operate* if the time has not been set on its built in clock. Like, at all. You have to set the time before you can use it.

There is no function on this thing that relies on knowing the time. It has a timer, but that's just a count down. This is truly baffling to me.

And we lost power for an hour or so earlier this week. You should've heard the swearing coming from the kitchen when wife tried to start dinner that night.


This wasn't even something we discovered accidentally. It's pretty bluntly explained in the manual, which we also need to refer to every time we turn the oven on to decipher its myriad operating modes.

@futzle hah. It's a Smeg, this one but a different colour.

To be honest, it's otherwise a lovely bit of gear. But gosh, this clock.

@stibbons @futzle i've had a number of non-smeg ovens have the same behaviour - it's really inexplicable

@JacksonBates @futzle I kind of wonder if it's a hangover from markets where timed start/stop is a common thing. That gets disabled here, but the requirement for setting the clock gets left behind? Dunno.

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