Every time I see someone being an insufferable jerkoff in the replies in an otherwise interesting thread, I go and look and, yep, they're a tech guy.

I'm not saying insufferable jerkoffs don't exist across all walks of life. I'm just saying that tech guys have strong representation there. And I'm saying that as somebody who is one. A tech guy. I let people decide for themselves if I'm an insufferable jerkoff.

god, twice this morning. I'm going to have to stop reading fediverse replies as a form of self care.

asshole reply-guys 

@stibbons You’re ahead of me, I’ve only seen one tech guy being an asshole so far this morning. I guess I have to try harder.

asshole reply-guys 

@futzle Morbid curiosity is a helluva drug. :(

asshole reply-guys 

@stibbons @futzle why am I like this. Instead of seeing your posts and moving on, I was opening and closing threads to find assholes. Why would I do that to myself? I left twitter for a reason!

asshole reply-guys 

@screenbeard Luckily nobody has been a dick in my menchies. But I'm half-suspecting this one to end up jerk-bait.

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