Hrmn. What's good for network-level ad blocking? Is pi-hole on my regular non-pi big server a good option?

...I also want a real DNS server on my local network, mostly for split-horizon on domains I own.

I think I'm settling on pi-hole forwarding to my old standby bind running as a recursive nameserver and doing split horizon for things hosted internally.

Heh, when my wife was unpacking my books last weekend she picked up my O'Reilly bind book (5th edition) and said "you haven't even opened this one have you".

I glanced at it and said "not as much as the previous edition I used to have".

@stibbons It’s the only one I’ve heard of normal people installing. Blocklist zones for BIND do not seem to have the same momentum.

@futzle The only other one I'm aware of is adguard home. But I'd lean towards the non-corporate option.

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