My favourite recent trick. An extending curtain rod, that we bought for the tiny laundry window in our last house. Repurposed to be a toddler-height clothes rail in kiddo's closet.

Yesterday my wife painted the wall. And today's "job I hope I only do twice" was getting the TV up. The Aldi mount's claim of 'supports up to 65'"' was... optimistic, and it had way more flex than I was comfortable with. So I took it down again, and replaced it with the biggest fixed-position mount Bunnings had.

But now it's done and the lounge room is mostly finished. And I'm definitely all finished for the day.

Woo, finally finished getting my speakers on the wall and hooking everything up.

The sparkie ran two core electrical cable for these, which would probably upset audiophiles but who cares about them? They sound great.

Signs we're getting settled: after a year and a half in boxes, my books and our boardgames have been unpacked.

Didn't get the speakers on the walls. But at least I got the wiring tidied up.

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One of my favourite baby hacks. The child lock honeypot. An obviously open child safety latch left hanging from a "safe" cupboard door handle. Kiddo gets so distracted with the honeypot that I've never seen him trying to open one of the locked ones.

real estate propaganda 

Don't know how I'm going to survive on those other six coffees alone.


These poor headphones look like arse, but they still work great. Maybe one day I'll try to fix them a bit better?

I've been skeptical of LED filament bulbs. But these do look real nice.

It is "should I move my single user instance to my free domain" month.

Went by my new house today, the tank on the house is definitely plumbed in and tapping it showed it was over half full. I am very pleased.

Or apparently I can connect QGIS to my database and load the results of arbitrary queries as new layers.

And that made it really easy to confirm that a) the 2800 postcode is really really big, and b) everything in my query really is contained in the rubbish collection zones. So yay.

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I'm coming around to liking these "throw all these veggies in a pot and cook for half an hour" recipes. Although subbing in sweet potato instead of unobtainable zucchini has thrown off the colour balance.

This one's even vegan if you don't do what I did and use beef stock because that's just what you had in the cupboard.

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