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Today I learned zsh lets you tab-complete `cd -` and it is wrinkling my brain a little.

On average, Sydney gets around 110mm of rain in March. So far we've had >140mm since Thursday.

Beyond the Curve: We looked and looked and looked, and we couldn't find any flights going over the ocean
Me: erm...

Eli is old and diabetic and came out of an accidental skirmish with a neighbourhood cat this morning a little worse for wear. Poor guy's been limping and sleeping all day. Vet visit tomorrow morning. :/

Lazy Sunday full of naps and tooling around in a new Objects in Space game.

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So libmariadb-dev has the man page for mysql_config but not the actual command? Well... OK... I guess...

This fitting for my water tank has gone through a few revisions, but this should be the final one. Have I mentioned how much I love openscad for this sort of work?

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Second pass, removed a lot of the excess material in the top half of the cap. Looking much nicer now, and hopefully won't take 14 hours to print a draft this time.

Constructing models in openscad is so, so satisfying.

This will hopefully be a fitting for the top of my water tank, to mount the existing mechanical level meter and a new ultrasonic depth sensor.

Latest xkcd reminded me of the timezone DB. Literally every computer on the internet relies on it, it has a core maintainership of, like, two dudes, and a lawsuit successfully pulled it offline for a few months in 2011.

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