@lynnesbian Oooo I'd love somebody to try to find the bit in the Australian constitution that guarantees my free speech.

I tweeted for the first time in months and now my mentions are full of dickhead techbros AMA

It feels like that whole thing that claimed to be about games journalism a while back really did help to kill good games journalism.

Sure do love getting halfway through writing a long, thoughtful reply to somebody on reddit before looking at their profile and finding their /r/The_Donald posts.

People are mostly not jerks.

I know. It keeps surprising me, too.

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@lynnesbian I was thinking about offering you resources to help run them, but seriously think you've picked the best option for yourself in the long run. Take care. <3

Yes I was combing those lists to put a name to an earworm that's been bothering me for a little while. Turns out the earworm was Even Rats. youtube.com/watch?v=KKhV1Z1nyl

Spent a scary amount of time on Saturday combing Guitar Hero / Rock Band set lists. Most surprising find was the Halo Theme Molnir Mix from Halo 2. Was that an xbox exclusive?


@lynnesbian Mostly I just can't tell what is stale copypasta and what you've made up on the spot. I'm horrified and awestruck.

Yesterday I picked a massive bowl full of chillis from our garden, sliced them all up, and threw them in jars with olive oil and vinegar.

An hour ago I cracked open one of them again, and added a few spoons of peppers and liquid to my salad with dinner.

My face is still burning. Send help.

On average, Sydney gets around 110mm of rain in March. So far we've had >140mm since Thursday.

In theory, my computer will be able to pass audio via DVI to my TV via HDMI. In practice, who knows let's drink more wine and attempt to find out.

@balrogboogie And then cheese it on the double because of his neonazi goons.

I am 100% serious in the hope that Fraser Anning won't be able to show his face in public for the foreseeable future without somebody hoiking an egg at it.

I dunno, all I've really learned from today is that I won't be attending anything even vaguely political any more without a carton of eggs and a can-do attitude.

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