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So libmariadb-dev has the man page for mysql_config but not the actual command? Well... OK... I guess...

Every now and then, puppet's refusal to create home directories for user resources bites me in the arse. And I spent twenty minutes troubleshooting it, then ten minutes swearing about it, and then forget about it until the next time.

But right this second? >:(

This fitting for my water tank has gone through a few revisions, but this should be the final one. Have I mentioned how much I love openscad for this sort of work?

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I go to a barber who is absurdly expensive, but does a decent hair cut, an excellent beard trim, puts a hot towel on my face, and gives me free beer to drink throughout. Totally worth it.

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Just mowed the nature strip of the abandoned house next door. Feel like my descent in to suburban mediocrity is complete.

After many, many months playing on and off, I think I'm going to finish Zelda: Breath of the Wild soon. Don't want it to end. D:

Second pass, removed a lot of the excess material in the top half of the cap. Looking much nicer now, and hopefully won't take 14 hours to print a draft this time.

Constructing models in openscad is so, so satisfying.

This will hopefully be a fitting for the top of my water tank, to mount the existing mechanical level meter and a new ultrasonic depth sensor.

Changed a thousand AWS access keys. Looking forward to doing some real work tomorrow.

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Good morning, this is an actual headline that exists.

Things I'm upset I didn't notice:

Paperbark, the ridiculously charming little indie game about a wombat going on an adventure in the Australian bush, got a Windows/macOS release a couple months ago. And it's on sale on Steam right now.

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