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Idly considering trying to teach myself Blender to come up with some Objects in Space mods. Confronted by several dozen short videos instead of, you know, documentation.

Close browser tab, walk in to sea.

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Training my spam checker to discard anything containing old passwords.

There is a dude here wearing a shirt that says "Make Australia Great Again". Which worried me a lot more before I realised it also had a picture of Bob Hawke sculling a beer.

Driving a *lot* today.
Realised that the modern station wagon is basically a vehicular mullet for bogan dads. Party up the front, business round back.

I'd forgotten how absurdly fun Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes can be. Trying not to make too much noise while playing it in our airbnb downstairs apartment.

South coast animal watch: I've spent a couple of hours in the one pub in Huskisson on ANZAC day. QED.

South coast animal watch: One kookaburra, almost close enough to touch. Couple more hanging out in the trees next door.

Last day before a four day weekend and everything is terrible.

Accidentally working at 10pm. But at least I'm sitting outside on a very pleasant evening while I do it.

Cat has a new hiding spot. It is a very good one, haven't found him yet.

Little jerk really does love hide and seek on vet day.

Good grief, why did Netflix give Chris Lilley another show?

What are the cool kids using instead of minicom?

...are they using anything instead of minicom?

I'll have to settle for spending my fourth day in a row off just lazing around.

I can't find my HDMI - mini HDMI adapter so I have no idea why my raspberry pi zero w isn't doing anything and easter is ruined.

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