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Why aren't all these people at home mourning instead of stinking up the supermarket?

Kiddo enthusiastically chopping his apple sauce.

The infowars sticker I also saw on my walk is my new least favourite graffiti, and why I need to start carrying a permanent marker in my stroller bag.

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The "what is this?" written on the side of a phone booth is my new favourite graffiti.

cussing at SNMP. Well, OK, cussing at vendor SNMP implementations.


Happy dead queen day, I guess.


Hrmn. I'm about to write a custom puppet fact that runs a script I'll... uh... be provisioning with puppet.
Not sure if there's an implicit dependency there, or if it's even possible to specify an explicit dependency.

Writing shell scripts. Which means I currently hate shell scripts.

Sigh. One day I will learn to actually save my switch configuration. Hopefully that day will be today. But I'm not holding my breath.

parenting not-grumble 

Child redeemed himself by coming for a walk to the park a block and a half away. I had to carry hi. I home, but I'll take the wins I can get.

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Anyone who wants to do the same job as me (general corporate IT support, mostly level 2ish), but in Sydney, please hit me up. We have an opening.

parenting grumble 

Having kiddo scream and yell and squirm just because I'm not his mother: zero stars.

At least he hasn't tried this stunt in public. That would be frankly scary.

Kiddo's monitor sounds a loud alert if it loses contact with the camera. Which is why I got woken up very quickly when the power went out at 4am. Spent the rest of the night sleeping in the spare bed in his room Just In Case. But I sure could use a nap right about now.

Working on my Mister Rogers archive. Because kiddo occasionally asks to watch it. 🤷

🎶 take me down to the paragraph city where the breaks are hard and the sentences pithy 🎵

✅ visit with kiddo's speech therapist
✅ childcare run
✅ get dinner prepped and in the slow cooker
🟩 drive to Bathurst for five minute check up with dental surgeon. Luckily I found a bunch of other makework things to do there, and a nice pub for lunch.

Wordle 457 (Monday) no spoilers 

In "bullshit that's not a real word" news:

Wordle 457 6/6*


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aw man. The router I was going to use for the studio doesn't really run openwrt at all well. I guess bonding my links out here will have to wait.

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